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Monday, February 14, 2011

Meeting with the Shadow Treasurer in Panania

We are still busy in Panania. Today it was my good fortune to be able to speak with Mr. M.Baird,Shadow Treasurer for the Liberal Party. He came to Panania specifically to hear about our transport problems. Local store keepers were encouraged to speak with him, as to how lack of regular transport effects their business.

I was able to hand him a tabulated letter setting out some of our many related problems. I also highlighted the discrepancy developing in communities where the current Government is introducing free shuttle buses. While there is nothing inherently wrong with the concept, the problem we have, along with many other citizens, in many other areas, where residents have lost their services or find them greatly reduced ,is the fact that the communities have been told time and time again there is no money. I have never believed this ,no one has ever asked for a free bus, that I am aware of, we all just require your services back.

About two weeks ago I was also able to speak with Gladys Berejiklian and handed her a similar type of letter, this time I asked for a meeting with her. Her office has contacted me and she will speak with me next time she comes to Panania. So we keep Panania in their sights.

Click here to see our letter to Mike Baird, Shadow Treasurer.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stakeholders Meet To Discuss Transport Between Panania and UWS Milperra

Panania resident representative, Joan Powell wants connections between UWS and Panania improved.

* UWS at Milperra has 85 residential students and this is expect to increase to 400 by 2012.
* Bus services into Panania are poor and do not run on weekends or after-hours.
* There are difficulties of providing enough car parking for all students so there is a need to consider other transport options such as a full-time bus into Panania, secure bicycle storage and signage to assist people who can walk to campus.
* The businesses of Panania are keen to encourage students to go to Panania. The local Chamber of Commerce is working on creating information for the Student website.
* Bankstown Council is planning a beautification program for Panania in 2011, 2012. This will include signage to improve walking to UWS campus.

For the full minutes of this meeting, click here

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Panania Station needs a lift and a bus route to UWS

Members of Transport for the Local Community were recently featured in an article in the local paper. The article discusses the need for a lift to access Panania train station and for a bus route to link Panania with UWS.
Click here to read the article

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WSPTU Transport Symposium 2010

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RSVP by August 4.
Email or phone 9633 5068.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Come to our Community Information Stall on April 17

There will be an information stand @ the Chester Hill/Bankstown Youth Community Forum, Bill Lovelee Centre, Terry Lamb Reserve, Banool Street, Chester Hill on the 17th April from 1-5pm.

Members of the Western Sydney Public Transport Users (WSPTU) and Transport for the Local Community,(TLC)will be in attendance. Have you got Transport and/or Land Use concerns? If so come and say hullo.

Monday, March 8, 2010

New Group - TLC

Four of us have agreed to meet on Saturday 6th March and create a local transport advocacy group. We have a title and from now on this group will use the name of TRANSPORT for the LOCAL COMMUNITY, TLC.

We are expecting to organize a half day on the 16th April at the Chester Hill Neighbourhood Centre to talk about local issues. We are working on the wording of a Petition, and we hope to get some public support for their bus problems. It appears that they have never attempted this before.